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How To Stay Up To Date About Upcoming Tax Sales

All of us are aware that tax sales have shaped themselves as an essential vehicle for investment. Unlike the traditional stock and gold investment, tax sales investment cannot be made at any time. You must know when a new tax sale is being organized by the authorities so that you can make the appropriate preparations in advance. There are three most effective ways to get information about upcoming tax sales.

The very basic concept behind tax sale is to settle property tax criminal matters. Therefore who else can be a better source of information than the tax collector? He is the authority concerned with all the property tax record and property tax appeal matters. Alternatively, you may have to contact the county treasurer of the sheriff because they may be designated to organize the tax sales in individual counties or states.

When you contact the tax collector not only can you get the schedule of an upcoming tax sale, but you can also wade your way to get a lot of other information. If they have the proper information, the people at the office would also be ready to share details about the properties to be put on auction, minimum bid amount and special provision to make payments, if any have been laid down.

The second option is to look for advertisements in the newspapers. There are some legal notices and publications related to tax sales regularly published in the papers. Since it is a statutory requirement to make these announcements legally known to the general public, classified advertisements are considered by people as the cheapest way to fulfill this formality of law.

People have to regularly go through the legal notification or similar section in the classified advertisements of a newspaper. This is more or less a hunt and hit kind of approach when it comes to seeking information about upcoming tax sales. You may be looking at the newspaper on the same day when a particularly lucrative advertisement is present by chance, or you may miss the paper because of any silly reason whatsoever.

To combat this uncertainty, and bring peace and order to the way people collect information about tax sale, some portals related to particular state and some sites that deal in real estate have started a unique service. They compile information about upcoming tax sales from various sources like advertisements and data collected from the office and website of the tax collector.

This information is then delivered to interested users in the form of RSS or Atom feed or some cases as an email newsletter.