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Five Things You Need To Know About First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

Due to the economic downfall, real estate value depreciate. So, there are a lot of people who hesitate whether it is the right time to buy a house. However, this hesitation didn’t last that long as US President Obama signed a law called American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 wherein US residents will be able to receive $8000 tax refunds if they purchase a house. It is a perfect deal, indeed. Here are six tips that you need to know before buying a home.

1. Eight grand, new purchasers: The tax credit incorporated within the economic stimulus legislation is a lot narrower compared to $15,000 proposal. This credit is the same as 10 % from the cost of the house–although it’s assigned at $8,000–and is applicable only to first-time home purchasers and first homes.

2. Recapture: Purchasers need to own the house not less than three years to be able to take advantage of the loan. When they sell the house until then, they’re going to have to pay back the mortgage to the government. (Exceptions is going to be made in some cases, for example dying or divorce.)

3. First-time purchasers defined: With regards to this legislation, a “first-time buyer Inch is somebody that has not possessed a principal residence for three years before purchasing a home. (The date of purchase is the day the title is moved.)

4. Refundable: Since the tax credit is “refundable,” qualified purchasers can engage in it even when they do not accept cash tax liability.

5. Earnings limits: The tax credit is susceptible to earnings restrictions. Single purchasers require modified gross earnings of $75,000 or less to be entitled to the full credit, that’s $150,000 for married people. Individuals generating a lot more than these thresholds might be qualified for reduced credits.

Although this law applies to 2009 buyers, you might want to ask your local government officials whether this is still applicable at present. At that point, you will be able to take advantage with the incentives.

Tax Sale
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Tax Sale Properties

Keep This In Mind Before You Bid For Tax Sale Properties

Just like any mode of investment, it is recommended that you should be cautious when you invest your hard earned money in tax sale properties. The difference that caution makes is the one between having a high return on investment and losing all that you had directed to tax sale properties.

You should know that tax sale property is not transferred to the person who purchases a tax lien certificate. A tax lien certificate is a mutation of the tax amount in the form of a loan where the property can be considered a mortgage. You do not get any immediate right in the park. The actual owner of the property gets time to get a lien release on his property by repaying the loan in this period and take back his property.

Secondly, it is recommended that you only do a lien search on those properties which have some market value. A lot of people make a very obvious mistake. They buy tax lien certificates for those properties which have little or no market value. The result is that the actual owner does not redeem the voucher and it is passed to the certificate holder.

Because the property has little or no commercial value, the money which was spent in the purchase of tax lien certificates gets stuck in the park. The certificate holder cannot make any money out of the property, and his investment becomes a waste of money.

The third thing is to check if the proper tax rates have been applied to the property or not. In some cases, the tax authorities are known to overtax any property. The result is that the person who purchases these property tax relief certificates has to pay much more than what is due. If you are aware of the actual property tax records of the property, you can be sure that you do not buy over expensive property tax certificates.

The fourth important thing to check before you bid for tax sale properties are any special payment provisions. In some cases, the payment provisions tend to differ. Some auctions may accept only cash while some auctions also accept cashier’s check along with money. If you are aware of the acceptable mode of payment, you can easily carry the test or enough greenbacks to make the payments.

Finally, you should also confirm that the property has not been subject to multiple lines. Although a rare scenario there are some instances when more than one lien was slapped on a farm. Here the matters get very complicated and are dragged to courts. Check that the property is not subject to multiple lines.

Tax sale properties can also be a significant investment of real estate broker who can use the features to improve his portfolio provided that he considers all the things mention

Government Tax Sale Property
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Government Tax Sale Property

Government Tax Sale Property: An Overview

The owner of every property has top give property taxes to the applicable local state government. The fee depends upon the value of the property and the state in which one owns the property. There are two types of government tax sale property used in the U.S. One is the tax deed, and other is the tax lien certificate. These certificates are issued against delinquent taxpayers who have not complied to pay their property taxes.

There are sometimes when the government tax lien certificates. There are different laws about tax lien property. Also, the procedures of possessing the lien properties differ from one state to another. Some states permit tax lien certificates to be bid on by interest rate. The winning bidder is the one who agrees upon the lowest price of interest on the tax lien.

After the selling of the tax lien certificate, the delinquent payer of the tax is required to pay back the amount to the owner of the tax lien certificate. This amount will include interest incurred which may be around 16% -18%. However, if the payer fails to pay the tax within the specific period, then the governing authority may be awarded the lien certificate holder with the deed to the property.

The earnings may be as high as 50 % depending on the state laws and regulations. If however, you get less than 50%, then also the investment is protected with the actual property.

In short, when the property owner is not able to spy the tax for his property, then the government may place a lien against the property for unpaid income taxes. Some of the criminal charges may also be charged if the owner has not paid the sewer or water charges, sidewalk repairs and many more. To attend all the delinquency, all the 50 states of the U.S. offer different schemes.

Property can be put on an auction even if the owner is in the process of disputing the tax or charge. For avoiding the lien tax, you should pay all the costs on your property. In 90 days of lien sale date, the government notifies all property owners by mail and the details concerning the state. After the sale, the owner owes the required amount of taxes and administration charges to the lien holder and not to the government.

So this means that it isnĀ’t possible for anyone to escape from paying off the taxes otherwise the government tax sale property may get seized out on an auction by the governing

Tax Lien Certificates
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Tax Lien Certificates

An Introduction To Tax Lien Certificates

One of the investment schemes run in the United States that is yet to gain popularity is the sale of tax lien certificates. These certificates are a great investment vehicle for small-time investors who want the money to be safe and also want to make some extra benefit while they are at it. They can quickly get a property which is much more valuable than what they have spent.

The law of United States provides that government has a right to seize property if the owner fails to pay his taxes in the given period. This is made to ensure that people do not avoid their tax liability and the state machinery can continue to function smoothly. It provides a constant supply of tax money. The state and county governments have this right to impose liens on property tax delinquent. Even IRS can impose a claim in some cases.

The time within which the seizure takes place varies. In some cases, even the first year of a lapse in tax payments is enough for alien to arise. Some other states or counties may allow much more extended periods before the tax lien arises. In any case, once the tax lien arises, the tax defaulter is given notice. If he can clear his dues in allocated time, the claim is removed. If the payments are not made, tax lien certificates are put up for auction.

In layman’s terms, the tax lien certificate can be considered a document which transforms the tax liability of taxpayer into that of a loan taken from any other individual. The person who purchases tax lien certificates makes payments and clears all the tax liability. The actual owner of the property is given a tax certificate redemption period.

During this period, the actual owner of the property is free to clear the consolidated liabilities that have been accrued by interests and penalties as well as the premium paid by the person who purchased property tax certificates. If he can pay these amounts, the tax lien certificates are considered to be redeemed.

In other cases where the actual owner of the property fails to get the tax lien certificates redeemed, the person who purchased the documents can move to the court of law and ask for estate foreclosure orders. Some states even allow the assignment of tax lien certificates if the original purchaser wants to walk out early.

You can attend any particular real estate seminar if you want more information about tax lien certificates as a form of real estate investments.

Tax Lien Certificates
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Investing In Tax Lien Certificates

All About Investing In Tax Lien Certificates

If you want to receive 15% to 50% returns on investment guaranteed by the government, then investing in tax lien certificates is the best option available. Such documents are offered in many states and counties of the U.S., but tax lien sales may be different from one country to another and even from one county to another within a state.

In a majority of the tax lien auctions, the tax lien properties are read off by the auctioneer in the order they are listed, and the property price is bid up. Whereas there are some counties where the auction takes place online like California and Florida. In such sales, you’ve got to register online and put up a deposit.

While in others, the interest rate is constant and biding over the price of the property is done. Overbid or premium is generally referred to the amount bid up from the amount due.

There are various states in which you may receive the interest on the premium paid for tax liens while some do not.

In some of the states, what is bid down is the percent ownership interest in the property in case the lien is foreclosed. The individual who is ready to accept the lowest percent ownership interest in the park will be awarded the tax lien certificate.

In simple words, the tax lien certificate is a note issued by the county or the municipality on the properties that are in arrears with their property tax. Government tax lien certificates are also auctioned many times. These are being sold at auction by the individual counties, municipalities, and states that issue them.

This amount is usually state mandated. However, there is some risk involved with the purchase of the tax lien certificates. If the tax lien certificates are being purchased under the control of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or if the owner files bankruptcy then you may suffer a possible loss of your investment. Also in case, the purchase is affected by the drug enforcement administration, then even the same result will occur.

Therefore, proper title and bankruptcy research should be undertaken otherwise your lien tax may end up worthless. Many states have different laws regarding government tax lien certificates and hence contain different tax forms. States having the particular law regarding possession of tax lien property may be different from another.

So this is all about investing in tax lien certificates. It certainly has both positives and negatives of is own. Decide what works best for your interests.